Watercraft Detailing

Wether you have a trailed boat or a docked yacht, our knowledge and know how is exactly what you need for regular maintenance.

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  • Wash
  • Waxing
  • Buffing
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  • Flooring
  • Chrome Polish
  • Engine Room
  • Isinglass
  • Dinghy

Yacht and Boat Wash

If you own a slip at a marina and enjoy having your watercraft looking great at all times, we recommend the weekly or bi- weekly wash. If you’re visiting for the day and want to return to a clean and happy boat, you can have a one-time wash.

Give your watercraft a bath after a fun day on the water, get it ready for the weekend to come or clean it weekly.

The wash programs we offer are: weekly, bi-weekly and one-time washes.

With each wash comes an cockpit detailing (cabin area available upon request), making your boat shine inside and out! Whatever wash program works best for you, you can rest assured you will be happy with the outcome.

Boat Wax Service

When you want your watercraft to stay looking great for weeks, a wax is the way to go. Before each wax we conduct a complete wash so the wax will be applied to an uncontaminated surface.

Waxing will provide a seal from the sun, rain, and dirt to keep your watercraft in pristine condition, even after many uses.

A wax in the beginning of summer is strongly encouraged in order to get your watercraft prepared for the season. We providemid-season waxing as well as we highly recommend to have a wax before storing it for the winter months.

Buffing Service

If your boat is feeling chalky with a dusty and dull look, chances are you have oxidation.

We eliminate this look and feel by a process called buffing.This procedure involves using the finest compounds, pads and high speed equipment.
If you’re not sure whether you have an oxidation problem or not, we will let you know during your free consultation.

Yacht and Boat Teak Service

Is your teak faded, rough, or splintering? The only way to bring teak back to its original color and feel is to start fresh.When teak goes too long without being treated, it can become worn, grey or even peel if there is product on it.

In order to repair and treat the teak, we do a detailed process of sanding andstaining to ensure that this beautiful wood keeps its vibrant color and silky smooth feel for years to come.

Yacht and Boat Flooring Service

We have multiple options for flooring. If you are looking to replace your old carpet with new, or maybe you are looking for some custom work? We can help! There are so many options for flooring, from synthetic sisal to synthetic teak.

Take a look at some of our example pictures. If you are looking for more information on types of flooring we can install, please look at these links:

Carpeting: www.sisalcarpet.com

Decks: www.plasdeck.com

If you would like to get a quote for installation and materials please let us give you a free consultation.

Best Chrome Polish in Miami

We use a vast array of products and techniques to bring your chrome back to its original luster. From rust stains to hard water stains we have a cure for your Chrome.

Engine room Detailing Service

Spilled oil in your bilge or just want your engine room detailed?

We can make your engine room sparkling clean again. In order to know if you have a leak in your engine, your compartment needs to be clean from the start.

We have two options for your isinglass

Spilled oil in your bilge or just want your engine room detailed?

  1.  We polish the isinglass with microfiber clothes and product that leaves the surface clean and clear while protecting it from contaminants and UV rays.
  2. Is a two step process that includes polishingscratches out to an even finish, then restoring the depth to the isinglass. This increases clarity and protects the surface from contaminants and UV rays.

Dinghy Detailing Service

Do you have a dirty dinghy?

Has mold started growing or soot accumulated from running?
We use techniques that will rejuvenate your dinghy back to like new!
We can also protect your dinghy with a product that acts as a wax for your rubber.

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