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We’ve  been a staple of the community for over a decade and when it comes to detailing Boats, Cars, Homes, RV’s, Jet Skis and anything else in between.

Best in Detail strives to surpass our clients expectations in order to keep life long “members”, as we like to call them. Our members trust us with some of their most valued possessions because of the care we take by treating their belongings as we would our own. We have the highest member satisfaction in the area and continue to grow through word of mouth more than any other form of marketing.

Complete Boat Detailing

Boat and Yacht Detailing is how we started in the business over 12 years ago. We perform every service for your boat and we do it to perfection.

Buffing and Waxing has been the staple of our services since we started.  We can bring your faded or oxidized gelcoat or paint back to looking new again with a variety of processes.  Every boat is different and we treat each one with the respect it deserves.

If you need a Wash job before a big weekend or just want to keep your boat looking nice every week, rest assured knowing we take pride in every wash.

We can take grey Teak and make it look any style you want with a variety of maintenance options.

We handle all jobs from the maintenance of isinglass to the cleaning of the engine room and bilges. Anything and we mean anything related to your boat we will handle.

Complete House Detailing Service

Let the professionals take care of your home.

When it comes to House Detailing we offer a variety of services including: Painting, Window Washing,
Dock and Deck Staining, and much more.

If your windows need to be cleaned, we will make them look crystal clear inside and out. fresh coat of paint.

We will paint the railings on your deck or give your entire house a fresh coat of paint.

When your Deck starts to look a little run down we make sure to turn it around.

Seasons change and with those seasons comes a lot of maintenance. If you need help removing and storing your outdoor furniture or just need an extra hand cleaning out the garage in the spring we will be here to help.

Auto Detailing

Our Auto Detailing center has quickly become the number one name in town when it comes to getting your vehicle looking brand new again.

From dull paint to stained carpet we have the tools and the know how to make your vehicle shine again.  Our high end car detailing is spreading like wildfire via word of mouth because we will show up at your door with our mobile car detailing service once a week and tend to your vehicles needs.

Our weekly detailing service includes us coming to your house and washing/waxing/detailing whatever it is that is needed that week. This service has become very sought after because of the peace of mind it gives our members, knowing that their investments will be maintained on a consistent basis.

Our extractors and know how will have your interior staying fresh and smelling like new car.

We will buff and wax your car and have the paint looking like it did when it was new.  Or have us keep your paint looking like the day you bought it by having us maintain it from the beginning.

Need some custom work done on your car, truck or GEM?

No matter what the task is there is a good chance BEST in Detail can handle it!
Just give us a call today at 231.769.BEST

We also have Storage Services for you

If you are looking to store your boat, car, jet skis, GEM we can provide you with storage!

Storage Service

If your boat stays in the water year round or during the boating season; putting bottom paint on is a necessity.

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Winterization Service

We offer winterization services to a wide range of engines. Winterizing is necessary to keep your engine from freezing and protecting vital parts.

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Bottom Painting

If your boat stays in the water year round or during the boating season; putting bottom paint on is a necessity.

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